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Liverpool vs Tottenham, how was the time when these two won the league their last time?

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Time is different nowadays, people have changed, technology is even more advanced, money has more power now in football but still, Liverpool and Tottenham couldn't win a title in all this period. Let's get ourselves back in time to see how were things back then.

1990 - Liverpool's last title victory

It's the year 1990 and things were quite good in here. The so called "Cold War" was over, since we all know that the communist regimes in Eastern Europe have fallen. There was a big prosperity in International Relantionships, leading it in the end to the dissapearance of the Soviet Union. Even so, there were still conflicts arising with the most popular one called the "Gulf War".

Technology was starting to work out previewing a future world with great devices. People were still not caught in what I want to say it the "fever of mobile phones" and they were just happy that the world was finally finding its peace, in a way. The phones were pretty ridiculous and just imagine not having an Iphone 5 or 6 in your hand but either a cord phone or a Sony CMD-C1. Google one to see with your own eyes.

Going back to football, yes, Liverpool won the league this year. It wasn't even called the Premier League and instead, it was known as the First Divison. At that time, at the World Cup, Germany won the trophy defeating Maradona's Argentina. Matthaus, who was Germany's captain, won the Ballon d'Or. The prize was still awarded only for the european players by France Football. New stars were approaching the game like Roberto Baggio, Romario or Bergkamp, building up some great momentum for their teams.

You can clearly see the difference. It was like a different world from what we have now. It was the last decade of a very intriguing century for mankind.

1961 - Tottenham's last title victory

So we are in the year 1961. A very controversial one being in the middle of the Cold War. The World War II was over but these days people feared for a Nuclear War because of the not so good and intense realntionships between the Soviets and the Americans. Communism was there in Europe and all around the world, going even in Cuba. This year happened the "Bay of Pigs" which was a failed attempt by the CIA to take control over Cuba.

Technology was far beyond human posibilites and there were only dreams that could go and build the world of today. To understand the difference we will have to go further. The Beatles were just starting to become famous and Ringo wasn't even part of the band. Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe were the stars of every show and film and John F. Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States.

As for football, it was very different. Three years ago a 17 year old Pele won with the likes of Didi and Garrincha the first World Cup title for Brazil. A legacy was created right there. The Ballon d'Or was won by Juventus player, Omar Sivori. The prize itself was awarded only for the sixth time ever. Also, the Euro from 1960, first one ever, was held in France and won by the Soviet Union, with the help from the "Goalkeeper of the Century", Lev Yashin. And of course, Tottenham won the First Division, their second and their last championship. As well, it was a very good season for them, winning the FA Cup final against Leicester City and reaching the semifinals the next season in the European Cup.

Different generation, no highly advanced technology, no Internet, no colourised televison, just radios, cord phones and the good sense of living.

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