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Is Italy still into football?

What happened with the italian football? I still remeber when Italy was a very powerful team, full of world class players, but it seems like those days are gone. They could have beaten everyone and they even won the World Cup in 2006 with a very talented squad of footballers. Also, they had one of the most entertaining championships ever. Although it had massive succes, the league soon declined and got a lot of critics. Let me explain to you why things are not working so well for the italians.

Poor performances at the final tournaments

Italy had a great last performance seven years ago, at the Euro from Poland and Ukraine in 2012. They reached the final but they were trashed by Spain with 4-1. Things were just getting worst. Right after the Euro, Italy was eliminated from the groups at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil for the second time a row. At the Euro in France they only reached the quater-finals being eliminated by Germany at the penalties. But the real knife on the wound was the disastrous campaign for the World Cup 2018 from Russia. For the first time in 58 years, Italy didn't qualify at the tournament. With such poor performances, Italy lost a lot of credebility. Maybe the italians can redeem themselves at the next tournament, at the Euro 2020.

Juventus won their 7th consecutive title

No competition left in the Seria A

There is no competition left in Seria A. This is the cruel truth about the italian football league. Juventus has the power now and they are dominating the championship like no one else does. The other teams are desperatly trying to overcome the squad of Allegri, but all in vain. This legacy of Juventus, winning the Scudetto every year, started in 2012 and it still contiunes with "The Old Lady" as the crowned champion on the italian soil. Since then, Milan and Inter were not the same powerful teams like in the old days, but things are starting to get properly well. Still, there is no doubt that no one can outmatch Juventus in the race for the title. We must wait and see but the italian teams are advancing step by step to catch up with the "Giants from Juve". One day, their supremacy in the league will fall but until then, they will just dominate everything that is possible.

Two legends. Paolo Maldini and Alessandro Del Piero

Once upon a time in Italy...

Italy had one the greatest football players of all time. Imagine the beatiful game being florished by guys like Maldini, Nesta, Totti, Baggio or Inzaghi. All these legends won everything possible, from domestic and european titles to individual titles. Nowadays, we don't have the same players anymore and Italy is really suffering. They couldn't find new improved talents to form a team and I also believe that the difference of age in the team contributed to their recent losses. They missed the World Cup which was a big tragedy but not only for the italian football. It shocked a whole world without a doubt. Italy started to develop some more talent and you should watch players like Federico Chiesa and Nicolo Zaniolo in action. They have something special, maybe even having the possibility of influencing the game. Even though they lost a lot of important games,the team is trying to move further and to get back on track.

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